Pottery Making

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Amazing Art Pottery Compilation 2017 - People With Amazing Talent and Skill -...

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Amazing Art Pottery Compilation 2017 - People With Amazing Talent and Skill - Oddly Satisfying Video HDPeople Are INSANE or AWESOME 2017 // The Most Oddly Satisfying VideoPEOPLE ARE AWESOME (FAST WORKERS EDITION)


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Easy Way to Throw a Plate on the Pottery Wheel

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Throwing a plate on the pottery wheel can seem a bit daunting the first time you try it. Making a plate on the pottery wheel really isn"e;t that hard; there are just a couple of details that have to be done right to make the process a lot easier.Follow the plate throwing steps in this video to make it easier. Here is what most people struggle with at first when trying to throw a plate out of clay:- Spreading the clay out across the bat correctly- Getting the thickness of the clay...

How to Make Pots from Terracotta Air Dry Clay

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The Innocent Glaze - Anagama Kiln

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Here is the 15min YouTube cut of my Darryl Frost documentary. It follows New Zealand sculptor Darry Frost and his Anagama Kiln. My first effort at film making. Enjoy :)UPDATE: the exhibition at the end can be seen at the end of this updated version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8W7PzJ_O8LAMusic by the very talented Josh Winiberg https://joshwiniberg.bandcamp.com/