Pottery Making

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Pottery FlameThrowing by BillPowell

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This video explores the use of a flame torch to throw exaggerated shapes on the potters wheel. Flaming the pot at various stages stiffens the clay just enough to stretch and form the pot into shapes that are difficult to produce without making the piece with thick walled sections. This piece will be trimmed later when leather hard and a foot rim will be turned into the base to complete the piece.Bill Powell Art & Design:Website: http://www.billpowell.com.au/Facebook:...

Easy Air Drying Clay - little pinch pots for cacti and succulents

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Easy Pinch Pots made with ** Air Drying Clay - step by step on the blog with more on the care of cacti and how to waterproof your pots... http://incredibusy.com/pinch-pots-made-from-air-drying-clay/Hi friends thanks for watching… Hit the LIKE button!***More exciting links and information below***SUBSCRIBE TO MY NEW CHANNELhttp://bit.ly/1OVHKCD for weekly Thursday videos- Add Ali on Snapchat: incredibusy- Follow Ali on Instagram: http://instagram.com/incredibusy-...

Making / Throwing a Round Pottery Clay Vase on the Wheel

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Making / Throwing a Round Pottery Clay Vase on the Wheel

Zulu pottery

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This is a brief video of the coiling technique used by the Zulu potter Gogo (Grandmother) Miya in the Mnweni area of the Drakensberg mountains of South Africa. Interviewers include Christopher Roy, Gavin Whitelaw, Justine Wintjes, Lawrence Msimanga.

Amazing Wheel of Art! - Mind Blowing Deep Relaxation

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Deep relaxation chill music and meditation music. Sit back and get mesmerized as this incredible art changes right in front of your eyes (clay, pottery wheel, music, improvisation)!! Mind.Blown.Art - Mikhail SADOVNIKOV click "View attributions" below to see the original video. MUSIC: "Far the Days Come" by Letterbox. Free on the YouTube editor ("Ambient" category/genre)-~-~~-~~~-~~-~-Please Watch: "OPTICAL ILLUSION: Jaw-dropping Diamonds 2.0!"...