Pottery Making

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Making some Terracotta Clay Pottery Plant Pots

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Making / throwing some Terracotta Clay Pottery Plant Pots on the wheel.How to make some simple ceramic plant pots

Pottery FlameThrowing by BillPowell

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This video explores the use of a flame torch to throw exaggerated shapes on the potters wheel. Flaming the pot at various stages stiffens the clay just enough to stretch and form the pot into shapes that are difficult to produce without making the piece with thick walled sections. This piece will be trimmed later when leather hard and a foot rim will be turned into the base to complete the piece.Bill Powell Art & Design:Website: http://www.billpowell.com.au/Facebook:...

Negative Optical Illusion (To White) - Jomon Pottery

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The Innocent Glaze - Anagama Kiln

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Here is the 15min YouTube cut of my Darryl Frost documentary. It follows New Zealand sculptor Darry Frost and his Anagama Kiln. My first effort at film making. Enjoy :)UPDATE: the exhibition at the end can be seen at the end of this updated version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8W7PzJ_O8LAMusic by the very talented Josh Winiberg https://joshwiniberg.bandcamp.com/

Easy Way to Throw a Plate on the Pottery Wheel

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Throwing a plate on the pottery wheel can seem a bit daunting the first time you try it. Making a plate on the pottery wheel really isn"e;t that hard; there are just a couple of details that have to be done right to make the process a lot easier.Follow the plate throwing steps in this video to make it easier. Here is what most people struggle with at first when trying to throw a plate out of clay:- Spreading the clay out across the bat correctly- Getting the thickness of the clay...