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How to Make Pots from Terracotta Air Dry Clay

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Hi guys! Here´s a video on how to mold some "flower" pots from terracotta clay! I wanted to buy some flower pots for my other DIY projects, but they did not have any in the store, so I decided to make own. Enjoy watching!

I´m not a professional potter artist, these are just my tips and tricks on how to work with this clay.

You´ll need:
- some plastic containers as molds (doesn´t have to be plastic)
- terracotta clay (from a craft store, or order it online)
- cling film
- FIMO tools or some plastic cutlery
- a little water

how i decorated these flower pots with DecoPaste:

Music from the YouTube Library: Intuit256 by Kevin MacLeod

Every product used in this video was purchased by me.


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